3D Modeling and Designing Techniques 9

3D Modeling or 3D Designing is a process of creating a computer graphic with the 3Dimentional surface, with the help of some special 3D modeling software.

The basic difference between a 2Dimentional design and a 3Dimentional design is the difference in their axis.

2Dimentional computer graphic is designed using only two axis those are: 

  1. The X-axis
  2. The Y-axis

The designed graphic is created by keeping in mind the X & Y axis only.

3Dimentional computer graphic is designed using three axis those are:

  1.  The X-axis
  2.  The Y-axis
  3.  The Z-axis

The designed graphic is created keeping in mind the X, Y and Z axis

In this article, we are going to discuss the most common techniques which are used in the 3D designing process.

  1. Polygonal Modeling or Box Modeling Technique: – In the technique, the objects are designed using some basic polygonal shapes like (cube, sphere, cylinder, etc.). The basic shape is refined so that the desired model design could be obtained. The shape in generally a low-resolution mesh. The model is created be subdividing the basic mesh and then defining the shape by tweaking the vertexes and edges of the model.
    polygonal modeling
  2. Contour Modeling technique: – This type of modeling basically consists of a process of combining of various models together to form one shape. The technique is used basically in places where the modeling is very complex. like for example. model of a human face, car model, interior or exterior and much more…
    This technique may sound a bit complex but is used widely in the modeling process.
    Edge/Contour Modeling
  3. Nurbs Technique: – NURBS is a modeling technique used mostly industrial modeling.  NURBS mesh has no faces, edges, or vertices. Instead, NURBS models are comprised of smoothly interpreted surfaces, created by a method called as “lofting” a mesh between two or more curves.NURBS curves are created with a tool that works very similarly to the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop. The curve is drawn in 3D space and edited by moving a series of handles called control vertices. To model an NURBS surface, the artist places curves along prominent contours, and the software automatically interpolates the space between.
    Alternately, an NURBS surface can be created by revolving a profile curve around a central axis. This is a common modeling technique for objects that are radial in nature—wine glasses, vases, plates, etc.
    nurbs modelingThese are the commpn technique used for 3D modeling and the software used to design these models is Autodesk Maya.

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