armature2What is Claymation?

It is a method of film animation. The Claymation is done by using 3 concepts:-

  1. Using adjustable clay figures.
  2. Stop Motion.
  3. Photography.

Adjustable Clay Figures:-

These are the characters or objects made by sculpting the clay. The figures which are made should be easily adjustable so that the animation could be made

Stop Motion:-

It is a technique by which the camera is repeatedly stopped and started to give the animated figures the impression of movement.


It is an art of clicking photographs.

Types of Clay

The general categories of clay used in sculpting are:-

Fired hardening clay:-

This clay requires lot of heat to harden after shaping on sculpting them.

Eg: Ceramic clay

Porcelain clay

Non – hardening clay:-

This is oil – based clay and is considered the most common used in clay animation for creating movable characters. This clay do not harden even when heated or if exposed to air.

Eg: plasticine or plastilena clay

Oven – Baked hardening clay:-

This clay stays soft until they are baked.

Eg: polymer clay

Air – Dried clay:-

This is water based clay which dries quickly after a few minutes or hours of being exposed to air.

Eg: WED clay.

What is Stop – Motion?

Stop motion animation is also known as frame animation. In this animation the poses are captured one frame at a time with a camera.

When the sequence of photographs are played rapidly it actually creates an illusion of movement hens the animation using stop motion is created.

How to capture the scene?

Early stop motion was captured with film cameras. Animators could not see how their work looked until they got their film processed,

Now special video cameras allow the animator to view the poses they have captured and can also compare them to the live video captured from the camera. This made it easy for animators to work more effectively and efficiently.

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