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What does Armature Mean?


When we talk about animation we mainly think about computer graphics which are being animated with the help of some animation and graphical software to give the character a real life feel.


Yes, What we just said about characters animation and representing it graphically to give them facial expression, background, environmental effects movements and walk or motion according to the character structure is all done with the help of software but still, there are many more aspects which hardly people know about is based on it. A 3D model designed using some 3D modeling software like Autodesk, Maya or a sculpture modeled using the different type of clay, there is always an armature on which the structure depends on its proper movement.  

There are various techniques to use armatures to build the complete model which can move according to the requirement of the scene. We in this article are here to teach you how you can use various types of armatures which can be used to create the model and get the best of poses out of them to make the perfect animation with the best of facial expression.


The Armature is the basic framework around which the model or the sculpture is built. The complete framework providing the firmness to the model and the framework which is the armature is to give stability to the model which is being used for animation. The model which is built can be of plastic, wire, clay or anything which could build the model but to make it more stable an armature is needed.


The armature is mostly made up of aluminum wires twisted together to make the structure which can be used to support the model which will be used for animation purpose.


An armature is the name of the structure which is developed by joining various parts with the help of joints which is then used in computer animation to simulate the motions of various human or animal characters.


In the world of animation, we have come across various types of animations bus the armature which is used for animation are mainly of two types:


  1. Keyframing (Stop Motion) Armature
  2. Real-time puppeteering Armature


The keyframing armatures were developed to help digital character by capturing the poses of the character which are clicked during live performance movement of the character. In this type of animation which known as keyframing or stop motion the animator positions the device used for capturing the movement or the face of the character and the poses are captured in such a manner so that the captured pose could be placed manually for each key frame in the animation software which is used, which could be adobe flash, adobe after effects and many more. In this process of stop motion, the character is made with a mechanical structure which is the armature which is responsible for the complete stability of the model.


The real time (puppeteering) armature is very much similar to the keyframing armature but the only difference is it is controlled or we can say it is being puppets by people and the motions are captured in real time. This type of animation is used basically for 2D or 3D figures and objects created by using some 2D and 3D animation software.This type of animation armature is used for mainly filmmaking and Television production purposes. The film made using this technique is captured in real time by making the character move and capturing its live performance for the film.


In this real-time animation technique, the motions are captured which would be similar to the animation which would be responsible or playing the part of that character’s  scene shot. The movements are recorded with software which is connected with some devices which are strapped to the body of the person who is playing the part of the digitally created character or that scene or the film. In our blog, we are going to discuss these devices which are used to make this type of animation.


The breakdown is las under:-

  1. Physical Body
  2. Motion Capture
  3. Scanned Avatar.    

We are going to discuss all of this process in our Virtual School Desk blog within our new article.

For this armature part let’s discuss as how many types of armature could be made for this animation and what are the sources from which we can gather them.


The most important and exciting part is that we can even build the armature easily which could be efficiently used in framing or we can say stop motion animation.


In this article about 2 main types of armatures which are used for stop motion animation. The two types of Armatures are:

  1. Wire Armatures
  2. Ball and socket armatures.



  1. Wire Armatures: This Type of armature are very simple and easy to build. In this, the complete armature is built by twisting some aluminum wires together to form the shape of the character and onto which the clay is wrapped to make an avatar for the animation.


The wire armature is very cheap as compared to other armature found in the market. The wire which used to build the armature would be bought from any hardware shop nearby and by twisting wire and giving it the shape of the character’s skeleton you can get the armature which is required.


The best part is that this type of armature is very great for beginners. The wire armature is very easy to animate as it gives to flexibility to bend the character in any direction and to give it any shape needed for the film and also by using wire armature you can achieve the very thin character. We can get the wire armatures from online stores which supply pre-packed wire armatures so if you don’t want to visit any hardware store you can always get the wire armature from the online stores.


2 Ball and socket armatures: These are professional’s armatured. These are made in the standard size and custom size.These armatures have joints which we have to just tighten up as per the movement are to be carried on by these armatures.


These armatures are of different metal types such as:


  1. Mild steel
  2. Aluminium
  3. Stainless steel
  4. Brass etc.


The standard size of these armatures is usually 9 inches and 12 inches.

The armatures are readily available in many online stores, all you have to do is just fix all the joints together and just tighten up the screws of the armatures is ready to go. This armature is named as “armature Kit” as we get all the parts of the armature in one kit and the assembling work is done by us. We also can buy armatures which are already assembled but the only difference is that by buying armature kit you can save some cash and can also assemble the armature according to your own need, but the pre-assembled armatures are costly and are sold only in standard sizes.


So in this article, we have discussed armature which is used for animation. Also, click building armature technique.


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