Trending After Effects Projects for Creative Video

Trending Effects For Your Video Projects! In this quick discussion, I have highlighted five trending video projects for this year. Each of these projects is designed to give you an on-trend creative head start for your next After Effects video project: download, add your own assets and just get started with your new trending and […]



UV-Mapping in 3D-Modeling Before we go into the details of this article lets have a look at some of the important points about 3D modeling. 3D modeling or 3D designing is a process of creating a computer-based graphic with 3Dimensional surfaces with the help of some special 3 D modeling software. Before we move on to […]


Guide to Green Screens

What is Green Screen? Green Screens are the painted cloth hung at the back of a stage as part of a scenery used in chroma key photography. This screen is used to replace the green colored background with some another background scenery.  Some scenes require chroma key photography in which the background has to be […]


The Latest Animation Trends 2017?

Everything changes, time, generation, choice, tastes, and so does the trends. As the trends change so do the technology change. With this revolution the animation concepts and the look and feel of the design changes. Change Is Cool, Actually!!! Why? The changing trends keep you motivated and curious to know what coming up next. This might […]


3Dimentional Modeling and Designing Techniques

3D Modeling or 3D Designing is a process of creating a computer graphic with the 3Dimentional surface, with the help of some special 3D modeling software. The basic difference between a 2Dimentional design and a 3Dimentional design is the difference in their axis. 2Dimentional modeling computer graphic is designed using only two axes those are:  […]

animation production process

Animation Production Process

Animation: As we all know animation is a production process in which some motion is provided to the computer-based graphics or we can say to computer graphics. Any type of movement provided to any computer graphic be it a text, photograph, vector character, clay model or any object created using graphic creating tools in the […]