Trending After Effects Projects for Creative Video

Trending Effects For Your Video Projects! In this quick discussion, I have highlighted five trending video projects for this year. Each of these projects is designed to give you an on-trend creative head start for your next After Effects video project: download, add your own assets and just get started with your new trending and […]

2018 designing trends

The Latest Designing Trends: How To Create An Awesome 2018 Graphics.

At Virtual School Desk, we are lucky to help literally thousands of people, students, bloggers, businesses, YouTubers create designs that power’s their presence on the internet and outside. And because of that, we have a unique opportunity to view a large dataset about what designing trends exists nowadays in the market that helps you build your […]


Clay Modeling for Animation

Clay Modeling:  clay modeling is a sculpting technique used by sculpture to create various shapes and models that can be used in animated filmmaking. All types of shapes can be made using same modeling tools that can be used for sculpting, blending, texturizing, thinning, scraping, poking, and cutting.  The clay is so soft that it can […]


What is Claymation and its technique

What is Claymation? It is a method of film animation. The Claymation is done by using 3 concepts:- Using adjustable clay figures. Stop Motion. Photography. Adjustable Clay Figures:- These are the characters or objects made by sculpting the clay. The figures which are made should be easily adjustable so that the animation could be made […]


Armature for Animation

What does Armature Mean? When we talk about animation we mainly think about computer graphics which are being animated with the help of some animation and graphical software to give the character a real-life feel. But armature !!! Yes, What we just said about characters animation and representing it graphically to give them facial expression, […]