Crazy for Google?

Join me and I’ll show you what amazing things can google make you do. Google is not only a search engine but also a best buddy. I ever found in this universe.

WHY ???

Because google has given me the bit of experience I could have in my life, the various colors of life. I have learned it from nowhere else but only google.com.

Now, you must be imagining as why am I feeling so excited about a search engine which we all know is google.com. My experience being very exciting and I have learnt a lot throughout my life. My biggest achievement in life to be a part of IT world which introduced me to google which is a part of our WWW, which is our wide Web in this wide world.

It is a fact that every human being on the planet earth experience some ups and downs in his/her life and same was with me. But when I came across this buddy of mine called google I started to learn new and exciting things which according to my knowledge would have been difficult rather impossible for me to learn from anywhere.

Google not only to me but has inspired billions and billions of people across the world be it from any field any career google has been the best support to provide the best of knowledge to people all over the world. Not only google provided knowledge but also has been a great support by saving a lot of money.


Let’s see how google has been a great support for us in saving our lots of money. Google provided the easy way of search by only a small keyword related to the topic which we want to search about can provide lots of results, and the effort that is been made was only to tap a few words on a keyboard and there you go for the result is in front of your eyes.

If google would not have been there then all of us would be searching for books in a library and also paying would have been paying for travel expense to reach the library and by saving the library fees we would have to bear.

Google has provided all the people around the world to get the knowledge about everything from recipes to science, education, maths to entertainment, sports to social media and what not whatever we want we get with it on the google.


Google has also been a time saver, the time that we use to spend in traveling just to get knowledge about some topic had been saved. We can sit at home and can get the knowledge without wasting any time by traveling and by searching piles of books to look at the topic we have been looking for.

Now the questions that must be arising is way am I praising google when it is just a search engine and the data we look for all the part of world wide WEB and is controlled by the internet.If it would not have been google any other search engine would have been there like Yahoo, Bing AOL etc.

Well, even I think this would have been the scenario if google would not be there. This article is to let you the readers know what all facilities google has provided to us and have made our life so easy that any other search engine was not able to provide till now.

Now, let me discuss the best of 5 facilities that google has introduced in our life and has made our work process simpler. The 5 among the best services are such basic facilities and so important nowadays to complete our day-to-day work.

The Five best Google service:

1.  Gmail
2. Google drive.
3. Google Maps
4. Google Sketchup
5. Google Adsense.


1. Gmail :


Gmail is a service provided by google.com for emailing process. You can Gmail at google.com Gmail also support advertising and the best thing is that it is free service. Gmail can be accessed through the desktop or mobile phones. Gmail basically provides you service to deliver and receive letters which are called as email or electronic mail. By using Gmail you save lots of time and money as you can send mail to anyone across the world in no time. Gmail service is fast, easy and very organized as you can have organized list of tabs that tell you about your Inbox, Starred, Sent mail, Drafts and many more options. The Gmail also gives you the facility to chat with your friends through Gtalk or hangout service. The various tabs named above.

Inbox: Inbox lets you collect all the mails which you receive at one place. You will be able to see all the emails received on your email ID will be collected in the inbox.

Starred: Starred tab is used to gather all the emails which you have marked as the star. Star mails are the emails which are marked with a yellow colored star to refer it as for any future reading or to mark it as important email.

Sent Mail: Sent mail is when the email that is been composed and has been sent to the respective person, then the sent mail is stored in your Gmail account under the sent mail tab.

Draft: Draft mail is an option provided in Gmail to draft the email to send, it is later on typed could be saved in the draft section and can be sent to the respective person later. You can find all the drafted email under the draft tab in the Gmail account.

Gtalk and Hangout: The Gtalk and the Hangout option is provided for online chatting. There is a small window provided in the Gmail account at the left most bottom section of the Gmail where you can invite friends to join the chat with you using the Gtalk or the Hangout.

2. Google Drive:


Google drive is a service provided to you by google.com which is actually to store your data online in your google account for this you don’t have to create any separate account to access the google drive. The account created for Gmail will be sufficient to access the google drive service of google.com.

Now, what all can google drive provide us. Let’s talk about some of the best features of google drive.

  1. Storage

  2. Docs

  3. Sheets

  4. Slides

Now let’s talk about each of the above-mentioned features of google drive in brief.

Storage: Google drive provides a storage capacity up to 15 GB which is absolutely free of cost, you can store 15GB data in the google account which your have made and also google drive provides the option to create the folder so that you can store the data in different folders naming that according to your need.

Not only the storage is provided but also you get the option to share your data with others using google drive. The data which has been uploaded can be shared by others if you want to all. You have to do is click on the share button provided in the google drive account at top right corner and type in the email ID of that person with whom you want to share the data.

Docs: Now the best part comes in !!! The Docs or you can say it’s the google Docs. It
helps you in creating documents. Google Docs is very similar to Microsoft Office or MS word. To use MS Word it’s important to first install that application in your computer system and then you can work on it.
But, Google Docs saves all the installation time and provides you the google doc service inside the same account that you have created for your email service. In this you can type in all the matter you want and can adjust the alignment of the document, can even change the fonts, size, color, highlights and so many different options similar to Microsoft Office. Now you can not only create your documents online using google docs but also can share it with others by the same sharing tab and the doc created can be shared.

Sheets: The next facility provided in here is creating sheets just like MS Excel. Sheet. It
can also be created in google drive under the docs tab in which you can experience the
same workflow similar to MS Excel. The formulas can also be created and the tables in the
form of rows and columns can also be created while the sheets are also shareable.

Slides: The slides in the drive is similar to PowerPoint presentation provided in MS
Office pack of Microsoft. The slides can be worked out in the similar manner as we work
on the PowerPoint presentation to create different slides for our presentation displaying
and then again the slides created in slides of google drive are shareable, you can share the
slides online by simply tapping the share button and then share it with the other person by
putting in the google account ID.

3. Google Maps:


Google maps are most exciting service provided by google.com it is a WEB mapping service. It offers views of streets, real-time traffic conditions and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle or public transportation. The view we get on the google map is bird’s eye view which means the view of the cities, streets etc are visible from the top and which is called as bird’s eye view. Google map updates on the regular basis and also in this the new feature is that google allows us to mark our business position by placing pointers on the location on the map where we want people to find our business direction through google map.


4. Google Sketchup:


Google Sketchup is a tool provided by google.com where you can Create and convert documents into 3D model which means the tool which can convert a simple 2D drawing into 3D which has its scaling properties defined , the weight properties that too adjustable and can also be add dimensions, callouts and graphics according to the requirement of the project. The google sketch up also provide its warehouse where you can find so many 3D models already ready to use for free and it is actually the biggest collection or the library of 3D models. All models are ready and good to go.

5. Google Adsense:


Now comes the Adsense the bloggers favorite Adsense is an opportunity for all the bloggers and youtube channel makers to earn money. Yes, google provides the opportunity to get paid by using the Adsense service, it is the advertising network of google. The bloggers write their blogs and upload it on the internet into their website and blog pages using Blogspot, WordPress or any other blogging site but do you know google gives an opportunity to everyone to actually get paid and earn a good amount of money only by working from their home.

The Adsense provide you Ads to place it on the blog or the website of yours or into Utube channel and you actually monetize your work by placing Ads provided by google Adsense.

There are various policy and terms and conditions which have to be taken care of and thereafter you can start making from google Adsense service just by sitting at home and working with google actually becomes exciting and really you can work, earn and become famous in the WEB world.

So these are some of my favorite services from google and the most helpful once. I would recommend you to join these service and start making your work more organized and easy by saving lots of money and time.

These and lots of more other services provided by google make me more addicted to this search engine and want to explore more and more opportunities that google is providing to us.

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