The Latest Animation Trends 2017?

Everything changes, time, generation, choice, tastes, and so does the trends. As the trends change so do the technology change. With this revolution the animation concepts and the look and feel of the design changes.

Change Is Cool, Actually!!!


The changing trends keep you motivated and curious to know what coming up next. This might be something new for you, but some of them have made a mark in 2016. And those are termed as best in 2017, as well. So,  it’s time to learn new trends coming up in the field of animation which will ultimately give a boost in your career to move forward in the year 2017.

So here come the revolutionary changes in the awesome field of animation!!!

1. Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality and 3D come side by side, whenever we talk about 3D animation, virtual reality is the first thing that comes to our mind. The virtual reality comes when we actually think about a story concept where the subject and the viewer are to be linked together so that the interaction between the subject and the viewer becomes awesomely interesting and worth actually watching the complete animated story by the viewer. Any simple body movement of an animated character can be made so really with 3D that it actually gives the feeling of a real life like movement. This is what is called a virtual reality, where an artificial character is animated in such a way that it actually starts looking like a real-life character. No doubt in today’s world virtual reality is like a BOOOOOOM!!!  in the market of 3D animation.

2. Stop-motion animation is BACK:

Handmade???? Camera????? Stop-motion????? yes, the handmade puppets are back and this time, not just the clay but paper crafted characters, toys,  are actually into animation.

But this time the stop motion is given a touch of a natural real look so that the camera could capture the best performance of the puppet.

This type of animation are handmade and when a handmade character actually behaves like a naturally real-life character, this is what actually motivates the viewer to see more of it.

This Animation process actually gives life to a nonliving character and makes it like a real character full of feelings and energy.

This is where the uniqueness of stop-motion animation touches the heart of the viewer.

3. Computer Graphics as its NEXT LEVEL:

With the changing trends of animation nowadays the trend of computer graphics also have come to its next level. The computer graphics nowadays are more clear, with the best of its quality, resolution and also the computer graphics have appeared to be more real like. The change in the computer graphic has evolved so that the graphic can actually be such that it can be used with the today’s 3D animation and with the world of virtual reality.

The change in the animation trend has made the computer graphic come up to its next level which is actually amazing. The designers nowadays are the real hard workers because of they make the animated story worth watching with their beautiful effort in the graphics which makes the animation more interesting and eye-catching.

4. The illustration at its BEST:

When it comes to computer graphics and animation, illustration can’t be missed. The illustration actually is the style of the character which can be copied sometimes but cannot be duplicated. The illustration should have a proper flow to give the animation a real feeling with the help of visual effects.

5. Motion Graphics with Liquid Motion:

Liquid Motion in Motion Graphic is the movement of computer graphics so smoothly like a liquid flow. The animation changes from its visual A to its visual B very smoothly so that the animation actually starts looking amazing and obviously with a touch of a new style”Liquid Style”. This animation is handled with great care as one mistake can actually disturb the complete feel of the animation.

These are the top most trends in today’s animation world. Try to work on them and give a touch of a brand new feeling to your animation. This will enhance your creative skills and give them the feeling of the new trending world.

6. Augmented Reality:
Augmented Reality

Now comes the twist, in the digital world. till now we have been hearing about virtual reality, animation, programming, designing effects and so much more. We all have experienced virtual reality in our lives these days.

But, what if the things change the other way round!!!

What if the digitally made character experienced the real world???

Yes, The Augmented Reality, which means that the character made digitally with the help of some software could be linked in our real world environment.

let’s take an example:

Suppose someone is walking on a street with a digitally created character.
Sounds a bit imaginative, but that the reality, Augmented Reality is the hottest topic these days. So all you tech savvy people out there. Get on with your computers and start exploring this awesomely new technology. And get started with a new boost in your career.

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