The Latest Designing Trends: How To Create An Awesome 2018 Graphics.

At Virtual School Desk, we are lucky to help literally thousands of people, students, bloggers, businesses, YouTubers create designs that power’s their presence on the internet and outside. And because of that, we have a unique opportunity to view a large dataset about what designing trends exists nowadays in the market that helps you build your presence around the world. In addition to providing you best of what designing trends are evolving nowadays what we do, we work hard to read and design everything that we get our hands on design trends.

So, with our hard work and hands-on experience, we will answer the question, what are the upcoming designing trends that will be great to build your business and web presence in 2018?

Designing trends in 2018

Designing trend #1: Responsive Logos.
The rapid growth in the mobile browsing has created countless issues for traditional websites. The issues evolved due to endless variation in devices and their functionality and variation in the screen size it has been about 7+ years since responsive design began to evolve and started a new revolution in the web world and now it is an industry standard. Designers and developers started experimenting to come up with designs that can fit into all types of devices. And These experiments gave birth to “responsive designs”.

The responsive logos are the next step towards meeting the demands of today. Companies have started recreating their logos over the past few years to meet the user’s demand largely and build their name all around the world wide web.

Here are some of the world’s biggest brands with responsive logos.


Designing trends #2: Color Transition.
Color transition popularly knows as gradients. Transitions in color could be seen on every web button, page design, presentations, PDF. Gradients help in enhancement of olden day’s flat designs. The term “color transition” is widely used in the context to gradients color transition is often referred to the modern effects used in applications which are vibrant, smooth and also fits with a flat design to enhance its beauty.

Here are some of the examples of beautiful color transition effects.


Designing trends #3: Duotone designs
Duotone is the tones of colors created using two contrasting colors which finally creates a two-toned image. traditionally it was known as halftone printing with contrasting colors half by half are placed on one another. The designing software and made it easier to use with various
more of its variations like monotones, tritones, quadtones and tinted effects. These duotones are the hottest trends nowadays all over the world in the designing field. Designs created using bold and beautiful colors.

Here are some of the examples of awesome duotone designs.


Designing trends #4: 80’s & 90’s Patterns.
Pattern designing from the 80’s & 90’s are gaining popularity once again. The abstract & geometric pattern are into the mainstream of designing world now. These trends add a visual feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness in your designs.

Here are some of the examples of mesmerizing 80’s & 90’s Patterns.


Designing trends #5: Bold typography.
“The Bigger The Bolder The Better” extra large fonts & huge headings gives an artistic effect to the graphic. the font family of Helvetica and sans serif are in the limelight these days. Designers now started using more of handmade fonts that gave more stronger impact on the graphic because repeated fonts are no longer in demand because nowadays brands are coming to gain popularity with their unique designs.

Here are some of the examples of Bold typography.


Designing trends #6: Custom Graphics.
The demand for custom graphics never ends. The continuous growth of custom graphics made it
more demanding in 2018. Illustration to create custom art is very important. The usability of drawing, painting, calligraphy. artistic typography, photography, and Illustrations on the web have increased due to the demand for custom art. Icons are the best example.

And the most popular one forth custom graphic used in the designing world. Custom graphics give a look of creativity and hard work on the graphics. In the coming years, you will see the gradual growth in the demand for custom graphics and Illustrations. And with excelling in the creative field of artwork you will feel really creative as well as you can see more artwork mode by you or around you with the designers.

Here are some of the examples of cool looking custom graphics.


Designing trends #7: Photographic Designing.
Be it a photograph clicked or the customized one the photo should design in a way that
it can explain the meaning it wants to convey to the audience. The photograph which contains action, emotion or tells the story are the most demanding. The natural presence and feel of a photograph give a huge impact to the branding and marketing field. The designing skill and techniques make the photograph look more modern and awesome. The interesting composition of photograph and effects are the coolest trends in designing world nowadays.

Here are some of the examples of attention seeker Photographic Designing


Designing trends #8: Detailed Vintage.
Details in the graphics give a mesmerizing look and feel into the design. When it comes in term of vintage it eventually gives it a sense of nostalgia feeling. the logos and illustrations beautifully
and finely crafted, looks classic and sophisticated.
These vintage designs might not be practically used by all the brands but are really rewarding for handcrafted materials and for food & beverage industry.
The touch of Artisan, organic and natural product makes a product look authentic.

Here are some of the examples of mesmerizing detailed vintage designs


Designing trends #9: Glitch Effects.
The corrupted, disturbed, displaced glitch effect has been the most popular trends in the digital world. The most wanted effect now in the digital world. The Glitch effect has been popular among the horror movies for ages but in 2018 the corrupted images took over the world of graphics as well.

Here are some of the examples of most trending Glitch Effects.

Designing trends #10: Color Channel Effects.
Color makes the effect! The color channels technique allows designers to create illusions effects the color channels are the top graphics designing trends now.

Here are some of the examples color channel effects.

Color Channel Effects.

Designing trends #11: Double Exposure.
The effects amaze the viewers! The double exposure effects can be merged with duotone & color channel effect. The image can be overlapped with another image with monochrome effects. this way designer can create beautiful looking effects.

Here are some of the examples of an amazing double exposure effect.

Double Exposure.

Designing trends #12: Double Light Effects.
Another major effect in the trending world of designs is the double light. This effect transforms simple composition into a new edgy, modern looking one. In this effects, two different color light channel are split apart to give the image a double lighting effect.

Here are some of the examples of double light effects.

Double Light Effects

Designing trends #13: Negative space Design.
A negative space is an empty space in the design which forms a certain distinctive shape. This negative space is used to evoke the positive emotions in the graphics.
The negative space can also be utilized in typography in this the elements from back appears to be coming in front this is another top trending composition in the
field of designing.

Here are some of the examples of negative space design.

Negative space Design

Designing trends #14: 3D Designing.
Making the poping effects! here is the most attractive one in the 3D the graphic which makes the object appear 3D i.e. 3Dimentional. Offcourse brightness is the important part in the 3D appearance of the graphic because the bright color makes the design pop. This graphic trend is the most popular one and will be also trending in the forthcoming years. The 3D graphics with some background
color as of the product is very eye loving and really on trend these days.

Here are some of the examples of 3D designing.

3D Designing

Designing trends #15: Metallic Designs.
Metallic is the graphics effects most popular with 3D composition & very creative typography.
This graphic effect brings a touch of real-life effect in the composition.

Here are some of the examples of metallic designs.

Metallic Designs

Designing trends #16: Paper Craft Graphics.
Papercraft illustration, Looks similar to actual paper cutting art. this trend is spreading very quickly giving the different layers of graphics depth & texture similar to a paper.

Here are some of the examples of papercraft graphics.


The world keeps moving, the time keeps running, the clock keeps ticking, to keep the pace of the
trending world you have to keep moving with the world, the time, the clock you got to be trending. Be the most creative designers of the world the most trending designs are the most demanding once now.

Let the trend speak loud your hard work & your skills.

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