Clay Modeling : It is a sculpting techniques used by sculpture to create various shapes and models that can be used in animated filmmaking. All types of shapes can be made using same modeling tools that can be used for sculpting, blending, texturizing, thinning, scraping, poking, and cutting. The clay is so soft that it can be rolled with the help of rolling pins, can be molded, can be easily worked out with extruder, potato mashes, etc to create, various shapes according to the requirement of the animation film scene.

Mickey Mouse
Everything changes, time, generation, choice, tastes, and so does the trends. As the trends change so do the technology change. With this revolution the animation concepts and the look and feel of the design changes.  Change Is Cool, Actually!!! Why? The changing trends keep you motivated and curious to know what…

The Latest Animation Trends 2017?

Facial Expression In The World Of Animation Emotions are the feeling which could be expressed through facial expressions, facial expressions are generally forms of non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is the way of communicating without words. The non-verbal communication includes the behaviors of the character’s body parts such as the overall…

Facial Expressions and Animation