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UV MAPPING Before we go into the details of this article lets have a look at some of the important points about 3D modeling. 3D modeling or 3D designing is a process of creating a computer based graphic with 3Dimensional surfaces with the help of some special 3 D modeling…


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3D Modeling or 3D Designing is a process of creating a computer graphic with the 3Dimentional surface, with the help of some special 3D modeling software. The basic difference between a 2Dimentional design and a 3Dimentional design is the difference in their axis. 2Dimentional computer graphic is designed using only…

3D Modeling and Designing Techniques

Facial Expression In The World Of Animation Emotions are the feeling which could be expressed through facial expressions, facial expressions are generally forms of non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is the way of communicating without words. The non-verbal communication includes the behaviors of the character’s body parts such as the overall…

Facial Expressions and Animation